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Things to See and Do at John James Audubon State Park

John James Audubon State Park is located in Henderson, Kentucky. The Park falls on 196 acres and includes the scenic Rock Creek section of Kentucky’s Green River. Many tourists visit John James Audubon State Park to see the wide range of scenic views and to enjoy nature’s tranquility. Here is everything you need to know about John James Audubon State Park.

Things to Do and See at John James Audubon State Park

Explore the Nature Trails

The nature trails are available for those who want to explore the diverse habitats in the Park. Explore the Park’s different types of flora, trees, rocks, and waterfalls. The nature trails allow visitors to come closer to their natural environment.

The trail consists of two main portions that are connected by a bridge. Part 1 is 0.6 miles, and part 2 is 1 mile long, with a visitor center located at part 2 of the trail. The first portion (from part 1, 0.6 miles) is a 1.7-mile trail that starts near the Wicks Road entrance of the Park and ends at the Visitor Center. The second portion (from part 2, 1 mile) is a 0.6-mile trail that goes in a loop, making it accessible for visitors with easy access to the trail and the visitor center.

Explore Lake Audubon

The lake provides a nice place to spend peace with family and friends. Visitors can also enjoy boating, fishing, swimming, or lazing on the shore of Lake Audubon. To experience nature in its purest form during your vacation, you must visit John James Audubon State Park.


John James Audubon State Park is home to many bird species at the eastern edge of the Barren river region. This is a major attraction for many visitors who are passionate about birding. The Park also provides facilities for those who love to observe birds. Many bird watchers passionate about seeing and identifying different bird species come to the Park.

Hiking Trails

The Park offers hiking trails, which are 9.7 miles long. The trail is accessible for visitors who have difficulty walking very far because it includes a boardwalk that is 0.6 miles long and leads hikers to the natural beauty of the Park. The hike is not easy as it provides visitors with beautiful views of nature at various parts along the trail.


Boating is another option for visitors who want to experience nature in its purest form. Visitors who love boating and get a chance to enjoy the boating facilities in the Park are fortunate. The Park has a canoe launch, and five motorized boats can be rented for visitors who love boating. There are also two fishing docks, one of which is for electric motors only, and the other is for motorized boats only.


The Park also offers guest golfing at the Park. For those who love to play golf, the facilities provided by John James Audubon State Park are really attractive and make the golfing experience enjoyable. The Park has three fairways, which are recognized as very good by the USGA. Each fairway measures 6,000 yards long, including ten tee boxes on each fairway. There is also a driving range included in this facility.

John James Audubon State Park is a wonderful place for those who love nature and want to enjoy beautiful views of nature. The Park also provides facilities for those passionate about birding and fishing. The facilities offered at the Park make the visit very enjoyable and exciting.

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